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Watch Gold Plated in 24ct Gold
Kitchen Utensils Gold Plated in 24ct Gold
Toilet Push Button Gold Plated

Gold Plated Scalpel on Plinth

This scalpel was a new scalpel we purchased and gold plated with 24ct gold for a customer requesting one

We buy the scalpel and gold plate it using 24ct gold. These scalpels are stainless steel. We also gold plate the scalpel blade if requested, also stainless steel. We buy in the gift boxes, currently available in black or red, and put some tissue paper in the box to make it look more presentable as a gift. We also supply the plinths to mount them on and these can be bought from our online store at http://www.goldproducts.co.uk

We also provide the engraved plaques with your choice of font and engraving