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Jobs done for businesses

These jobs we do for business customers that are for TV adverts or for businesses that make something and then they send it on to us to be plated in various finishes. We supply all kinds of parts and have the means to have things made in metal using the latest lathes and machinery capable of small or large quantities.

24ct Gold Plated Consoles

We can gold plate onto new chrome plastics. We remove the chrome from the plastic to reveal the underlying nickel and then gold plate them using any carat of gold required. The consoles shown are 24ct gold plated giving it a nice bright gold finish that really looks nice. The consoles stand out well with all the parts in gold.

Sarah Beeny's Restoration Nightmare

On the 10-11-11 we was featured on Sarah Beeny's Restoration Nightmare, a program on Channel 4 involving the restoration of Risehall in Yorkshire. We was asked to go and restore some old bathroom fittings from chrome to a brass look gold. We matched up the shade of what was required and plated various bathroom fittings.

Gold Plating, Silver Plating, Nickel Plating, Copper Plating exclusively brought to you...

We do electroplating for all industries from the public to large firms requiring larger quantity work doing. We are based in Westhoughton, Bolton, Lancashire but cover all areas of the UK. We can bring electroplating to you using our mobile equipment, subject to distance. The Gold Plating solutions we use are genuine gold and hard wearing.
Silver Plating is good for worn antiques or decorative household items.
Silver Plating on an item that has cost little to buy can make the item look valuable and sell for a lot more. It also restores items to there former glory. With Silver Plating we would need to see the item to be able to give an accurate quotation. The Silver Plating solution we use is bright and hard wearing.
Chrome Plating gives a mirror like finish and is used on many items. All bathroom accessories are mainly chrome plated and tend to lose the chrome at some point. These items as with all chrome items can be stripped of there original chrome and plated in gold or silver to give that personal preference.

We do NOT re-chrome items. You would need to source a chrome plating shop for this.

A lot of car emblems are chrome plated and can be stripped of the chrome and gold plated or silver plated.
The process we use is known as brush plating or selective plating. Brush plating because it is applied in a brush like manner and selective plating because you can be selective on the item being plated. This is a method of electroplating, where, concentrated plating solutions are used on the selected area without the need for using large tanks.
The choice of solution is applied to the article to be plated, using an absorbent material wrapped around an anode. The material is then saturated in the chosen plating solution, Gold, Silver, Copper or Nickel and applied to the item using an electrical current. This process is similar to the dipping method but applied differently. This process also uses more concentrated chemicals and gives a faster build up of metal. GoldPlating, SilverPlating & Nickelplating are all electroplated in this way apart from some larger items that need to be electroplated using a tank.

**Please note that we do not Chrome Plate onto motorcycle or large car parts. These are better being sent to a local tank plating shop that have bigger equipment to handle this type of work. We can however, Gold Plate or Silver Plate your new motorcycle or car parts that are Chrome Plated already. We can strip the Chrome Plating off leaving the mirror finished Nickel Plating underneath and replace the Chrome with Gold, Silver, Bronze or just leave them Nickel Plated.**

Who We Are ?

We are a professional electroplating company that has been operating for over 8yrs and have built up a good reputation with many returning customers from all over the world.
The Gold Plating Company Ltd are dedicated to providing top quality Gold Plating, Silver Plating, Nickel Plating and various other finishes for all metal items. We are based in Westhoughton, Bolton, Lancashire. Which is near Manchester and Preston in the North West of the UK. The purpose of this site is to show potential customers the services we provide. At The Gold Plating Company Ltd we provide a top quality service every time. We provide all customers with a written quotation with no obligation to use our services once a quotation has been provided. Gold Plating silver plating nickel plating and copper plating on most metal items. Prices vary depending on size, preparation needed and finish required. Quality is guaranteed every time. Click any image on the works page to view larger images. All the images are our own work carried out over the years in business.

What we do ?

We can do Gold Plating on items that you bring/send to us in various carats of gold. We also do Silver Plating for items like Antiques, Jewellery & for good conductivity purposes. No need to dismantle the work piece. We can plate items too large to fit into a tank. Any items large or small, no minimum or maximum quantity. Mobile equipment allows electroplating to come to you and plate in situ. This includes GoldPlating, SilverPlating & NickelPlating. Restore worn, corroded or dull items to there former glory. If sending an email to obtain a quotation, please try to give as much information as possible. Material of the item, finish currently on the item, finish required, how many of the items there are, sizes, if item(s) would be posted or brought to us and if possible attach any images. This will enable us to hopefully give you a quotation without having to ask all this information. Thank you in advance for this information.